About Us



Fairview Portable Buildings has been building portable buildings for North Mississippi since 1981.  Our goal has always been to build high quality affordable buildings that can be easily placed on your own property.  We have found that the true test of quality is the "Test of Time".  Barring any enviromental damage, our buildings have lasted for over 30 years and are still able to be moved from one location to another.  As a general rule the door knob will be the only thing to fix or replace over the next 4 decades.  We know there are other portable buildings manufacturers out there, but we proudly put our buildings quality and durablilty against any other buildings on the market.  The reason we can do that is the quality components and construction methods such as extra wall and roof bracing.  All we ask is that when you compare prices, also compare the quality.  Our features that set us apart can be found by clicking the features tab.


We can also build custom buildings to meet your needs.  Call and let us quote a building or carport to your specifications.